How do we choose battle cards?

by Obiwong // January 14th

Which battle cards are the best battle cards for your deck?

What's Hot: Galactic Commander

by Obiwong // December 30th

Optimus Prime is on top again. What cards are everyone playing with the Galactic Commander?

The Cost of Nothing

by Obiwong // December 16th

What's the cost of a battle card?


PPG Pro-Play Tour: Las Vegas

Dec 14, 2019

1st 4W General Optimus Jake Buchheit
2nd Shockwave Xander Villanueva
4th 4W Grimlock Darrel Chavez
4th 3W General Optimus Ian Wall
6th Shockwave Kevin Allen
6th Nemesis Prime Bradley Thomas
6th Equipment Optimus Robert Lisor
6th Springer Blaine Bublitz

Energon Invitational 2019

Dec 8, 2019

1st Galaxy Prime Daniel Arnold
2nd General Prime Ian Wall
3rd Shockwave Steffon Pinckney
4th Insecticons Jimmy Jian
5th Jetfire Richard Wyatt
6th 4W General Optimus Adam Bixler
7th Shockwave Aidan Downie-Back
8th 4W Nemesis William Gomez

What's Hot in November

by Obiwong // December 2nd

Lets check out the most popular Siege II cards in November!


Siege II Decks

Nov 27, 2019

1st Get to the Choppa Transformers TCG
2nd Spinny and the Weaps Transformers TCG
3rd Trypticon Transformers TCG
4th Detritus Pierce Transformers TCG

PPG Pro-Play Tour: Dallas

Nov 24, 2019

1st Shockwave Kye Huynh
2nd Blaster Aggro Joel Grizzelle
3rd Shockwave Thomas Jempty
4th Octone Brendon Holton
5th Tank Aggro Jesus Gamez
6th Cog Escape Kent Summerour
7th Springer Aggro Christian Young
8th Jetfire Richard Wyatt

ACC 2019

Oct 28, 2019

1st Shockwave Timothy Teo
2nd Cars Eugene Khoo
3rd Cars Adel Ishak
4th Bugs Hafizul Ilmi
5th Bugs Teo Wee Siong
6th Nemesis Lionizer Dharsshen Chandrasegaran
7th Aerialbots Ang Wei Cong
8th Lionizer Aggro Frederick Khong

PPG Pro-Play Tour: Columbus

Oct 13, 2019

1st Shockwave Steffon Pinckney
2nd Blaster Aggro Nick W
3rd Shockwave Cameron Ehteshami
4th Grimlock Prime Eric Johnson
5th Lionizer Cars Robb Clark
5th Blaster Aggro William Hackenbery
5th Aerialbots Chan Morrin
5th Cars Brad Weaver

Mercenary Deck Tech

Oct 7, 2019

1st Detritus Aggro Transformers TCG
2nd Nightbird Soundwave Transformers TCG

Heroes World EIQ

Sep 28, 2019

1st Prime Time Fadi Abou-Nassar
2nd Cars Joseph Elkouby
3rd King Starscream Leo Chen
4th Baster Aggro Pat Wong
5th Nemesis Battlefield Legend Dave Wong
6th General Megatron Tim Lee

The Blue Post EIQ

Aug 12, 2019

1st Bugs Dustin Haley
2nd Shockwave William Pete
3rd Bugs Lee Heath
4th Shockwave Ethan Greene
5th Blaster Aggro Brad Kiker
6th Cars Glenn Kimsey
7th Lionizer Cars Dennis Chandley
8th Bugs Cody Witt

Cardboard Classics EIQ

Sep 21, 2019

1st Cog Shop Kevin Flack
2nd Blue Planes Ryan Besito
3rd Prime Time Tyler Priemer
4th Blaster Patrick Wong
5th Shockwave Chris Ho
6th Nemesis Lionizer Michael Marchello
7th Bugs Kristian Besito

Siege II Deck Techs

Sep 18, 2019

1st Constructicons Transformers TCG
2nd Off-Roaders Transformers TCG

Hairy Tarantula HT500

Sep 1, 2019

1st Cars Ryan Besito
2nd Dinobot-Lionizer Matt Mealing
3rd Prime-Lionizer Bruce Sparks
4th Nemesis Prime Ryan Giamos
5th General Prime Fadi Abou-Nassar
6th Blue Burn Pat Wong
7th Shockwave Mike Ivall

Gen Con 2019

Aug 2, 2019

1st Cars Kevin Allen
2nd Lionizer William Wellman
3rd Insecticons Blaine Bublitz
4th General Prime Scott Landis

Hairy Tarantula Energon Invitational Qualifier

Aug 3, 2019

1st Dinobot Lionizer Matthew Mealing
2nd Dinobots Tyler Priemer
3rd Cog-Wheeljack-Chop Kevin Flack
4th Grimlock Lionizer Harvey Hui
5th Shockwave Chris Ho
6th Constructicons Robert Koughan

Blaster vs Soundwave

Jul 15, 2019

1st Blaster Transformers TCG
2nd Soundwave Transformers TCG

Origins Open

Jun 18, 2019

1st 3 Wide Prime Steffon Pinckney
2nd 3 Wide Prime Daniel Arnold
3rd Insecticons Matthew Brower
4th Autobots Brian Theurer
5th 3 Wide Prime Jacob Zimmerman
6th 3 Wide Prime Adam Bixler
7th Insecticons Nick Blandin
8th 3 Wide Prime Kent Summerour

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