Fear the Firepower

Alpha Trion Protocol spoiler!

Learning New Programming

A quick recap of the Freedom Cup tournament and going over a new deck list inspired by a couple of experiences in the last few online tournaments.

Year One turns 1

Controlling the Tempo

Today we look at the top 3 aggro archetypes along with what defensive/control decks need to try and do to counter them. I share a couple of the deck lists I have been using to try and combat the orange/black take over.

What's Hot: War for Cyberton Siege

What are the most popular cards from War for Cybertron Siege?

Pacing the Field

This month I take a look at the most impactful characters so far in the early Wave 5 meta and a few potential counters along with some updates to my Sky Bull deck list.


SDot Battlegroundz VI

May 24, 2021

1st Cars Brett
2nd Sentinels Carl Endres
3rd Motorcycles Francis Thomas
4th 3 Wide Prime David Burgos
5th Prime Magnus Sandman
6th Shockwave Sovier Bear
7th Cars KingNaga
8th Shockwave Steffon Pinckney

SDot Battlegroundz V

Apr 21, 2021

1st Aggro Cars Brettasaurus
2nd Aerialbots David Burgos
3rd 3 Wide Prime Steffon Pinckney
4th Fire Wheels King Naga
5th Aerialbots Bilmoo
6th Bugs Ogar
7th Razorclaw aggro Kathoga
8th Grimlock Christian Young

SDot Battlegroundz IV

Apr 1, 2021

1st 3 Wide Prime Zig
2nd Grimlock David Burgos
3rd Cars Ozzy
4th 3 Wide Prime Farfin
5th 4 Wide Cars Brettasuarus
6th Mixed Nemesis Cervini
7th Nemesis Prime Kathoga
8th 3 Wide Prime Jihen

SDot Battlegroundz III

Mar 22, 2021

1st Quake Brettasaurus
1st Nightracer Pierce Brettasaurus
2nd Fortress Maximus Ogar
2nd Quake Ogar
3rd Brawn David Burgos
3rd Shadow Perceptor David Burgos
4th Chromedome Steffon Pinckney
4th Shadow Perceptor Steffon Pinckney


Jan 17, 2021

1st Chromedome Clobber Steffon Pinckey
2nd Shadow Perceptor Tim Teo
3rd Horri Quake Bilmoo
4th Bold Sky Fangry David Burgos
5th Fortress Maximus Tim Albrecht
6th Cars Austen Stewart
7th Metroplex Ozzy
8th Wreckers Kup Thomas Jempty

SDot Battlegroundz 1

Nov 28, 2020

1st Shadow Perceptor Timothy Teo
2nd Chromedome Steffon Pinckney
3rd Horri Quake Vin De
4th Cars Lachlan Wallace