Fear the Firepower

Alpha Trion Protocol spoiler!

Learning New Programming

A quick recap of the Freedom Cup tournament and going over a new deck list inspired by a couple of experiences in the last few online tournaments.

Year One turns 1

Controlling the Tempo

Today we look at the top 3 aggro archetypes along with what defensive/control decks need to try and do to counter them. I share a couple of the deck lists I have been using to try and combat the orange/black take over.

What's Hot: War for Cyberton Siege

What are the most popular cards from War for Cybertron Siege?

Pacing the Field

This month I take a look at the most impactful characters so far in the early Wave 5 meta and a few potential counters along with some updates to my Sky Bull deck list.


Eye of the Matrix 2

Sep 16, 2020

1st Chromedome Kup Steffon Pinckney
2nd Demolisher Lionizer David Burgos
3rd Sringer Brawn Carl Endres
4th Jetire Planes Wayne Wong
5th Fangry Brawn Brad Weaver
6th Aerialbots Andre Ang
7th Insecticons Alexander Sze
8th Jetfire Planes Shawn Yap

Titans of Siege (waves 3-5)

Sep 9, 2020

1st Clobber Bull Andrew Nixt
2nd Perceptor Nighracer Nicholas Steer
3rd Shockwave Jon Palmer
4th Quake Bull Kyle Peterson
5th Springer Escape Neil Mohlman
6th Chromedome Joe Tarleton
7th Fangry Bull Tim Teo
8th Quake Fangry Schenwu

Team PTSD: Eye of the Matrix

Aug 14, 2020

1st Fangry Bull David Burgos
2nd Shadow Perceptor Steffon Pinckney
3rd Megatron Fangry Yan Wei Lew
3rd Sergeant Cog Kent Summerour
5th Shadow Percpetor Wayne Wong
5th Fangry Bull Timothy Teo
5th Springer Fangry Dan Gailis
5th Car Quake Mark Clay

Alpha Trion TMA Constructed

Aug 12, 2020

1st Fortress Maximus Christian Young
2nd Shadow Bull Richard Wyatt
4th Shadow Perceptor Simon Gill
4th Quake Kyle Petersen
8th Pounce Nightracer Gary Hogan
8th Shadow Perceptor Steffon Pickney
8th Quake Nick Cork
8th Horri-Bull Aggro Andrew Nixt

Next Level Games Fortnightly

Jun 30, 2020

1st Horri Fang Nicholas Steer
2nd Blaster Aggro Liam Merrick
3rd Windsweeper Peter Lawson
4th Predaking Brendan Lawson
5th Dinobot Prime Alan Jones
6th Soundblaster Brett Park
7th Horri Dreadwing Mark Clay
8th Nemesis Perceptor Anthony Mifsud

Freedom Cup

Jun 18, 2020

1st Shadow Perceptor Nick Wiedeman
2nd Raider Bull Mon Lopez
3rd Fangry Bull Andrew Nixt
4th Shadow Fangry Seth Poliak
5th Shadow Perceptor Jake Corbin
6th Quake Ansel Cox
7th Perceptor Pounce Steffon Pinckney
8th Perceptor Pounce Kye Huynh