What's Hot: War for Cyberton Siege

Obiwong June 2, 2020


You guys know the drill, so the intro is gonna be a little short this month. These are the most popular cards from War for Cybertron Siege in user decks on the site. War for Cybertron Siege brought Battle Masters to the game, a bot that would transform into a weapon when it's KO'd. So let's take a look at the most popular cards from War for Cybertron Siege!


The top 5 characters here saw a lot of competitive play. [[Major Shockwave Applied Sciences Scientist]] and [[Raider Aimless Air Force Weapons]] quickly became staples for blue decks. Lionizer Aggro overtook bugs as the go to aggro decks. [[Private Lionizer Ground Command Artillery]] + [[Peace through Tyranny]] work great together to quickly KO your opponents team. I was really hoping someone would find some really grindy deck with [[Major Ultra Magnus Infantry City Commander]] but I think Ultra Magnus + [[Ultra Magnus Armor]] just eats up too many stars. Sadly, we're still waiting for a good Megatron, [[General Megatron  Infantry Leader]] just didn't make the cut. Also [[Alpha Trion Cybertronian Sage]] showed us what a nerfed [[Optimus Prime Battlefield Legend]] would look like.

1. [[General Optimus Prime Infantry Leader]]
2. [[Raider Storm Cloud Infantry Electronic Warfare]]
3. [[Raider Aimless Air Force Weapons]]
4. [[Private Lionizer Ground Command Artillery]]        
5. [[Major Shockwave Applied Sciences Scientist]]
6. [[Private Firedrive Ground Command Artillery]]
7. [[Major Ultra Magnus Infantry City Commander]]
8. [[Private Stakeout Infantry Communications]]
9. [[Private Top Shot Artillery Patrol Leader]] 
10. [[Raider Triggerhappy Air Force Gunner]] 


I'm still waiting for someone to do something broken with [[Emp Wave]]. But until that day comes I'll still be adding [[Steady Shot]] and [[Calculated Strike]] to all my pierce decks. [[Quartermaster]] is usually a 1 of in Battle Master decks and [[Unconventional Flying Object]] sees play with [[Major Shockwave Applied Sciences Scientist]].

1. [[Steady Shot]]
2. [[Rock Toss]]
3. [[Calculated Strike]]
4. [[Quartermaster]]
5. [[Heat of Battle]]
6. [[Diagnosis]]
7. [[Unconventional Flying Object]]
8, [[Callous Leadership]]
9. [[Two-Pronged Attack]]
10. [[Frag Toss]]


[[Laser Cutlass]] is great for the combiner decks, it gives those small bots pierce to squeeze damage in. [[Major Shockwave Applied Sciences Scientist]] toy [[LV Gamma-Disruptor Launcher]] also makes the list and [[Anticipation Engine]] turns your bot into [[Optimus Prime Battlefield Legend]]. [[RR Disruptor Blade]] was on my radar when that card was spoiled but I think it's just a worse [[Grenade Launcher]]. One day I'll get my hands on  [[Sergeant Soundblaster Weapons Arms Dealer]] and see if I can grind some value with those black battle icon weapons.

1. [[Laser Cutlass]]
2. [[Combat Dagger]]
3. [[RR Disruptor Blade]]
4. [[Anticipation Engine]]
5. [[LV Gamma-Disruptor Launcher]]
6. [[EM24 IR Laser Launcher]]
7. [[Dismantling Claw]]
8. [[Smokethrower]]
9. [[HV Electron Breacher]]
10. [[Battering Ram]]


[[Extra Padding]] took a long time to grow on me. I was convinced that all my bots would wear [[Reinforced Plating]] forever! [[Point-Defense System]] is a great sideboard card and I think it'll see a lot more play since pierce decks got some goodies in Titan Masters Attack. [[Reflex Circuits]] was a surprise to me given how narrow the requirements were, maybe I didn't put enough stock into the green battle icon. With [[Major Ultra Magnus Infantry City Commander]] in the top 10 for characters it's no surprise to also see [[Ultra Magnus Armor]]. I wanted [[Emergency Defense Field]] to be so good, I'd LOVE to see an Against the Odds with [[Emergency Defense Field]] + [[Lucky Dodge]]!

1. [[Extra Padding]]
2. [[Smoke Cloak]]
3. [[Reflex Circuits]]
4. [[Sturdy Armor]]
5. [[Ultra Magnus Armor]]
6. [[Reactive Armor]]
7. [[Covert Armor]]
8. [[Point-Defense System]]
9. [[Emergency Defense Field]]
10. [[Compact Shield]]


[[Energy Pack]] keeps your bots alive longer and even with the 11 ⭐ restriction it's still the number one pick for utilities from War for Cybertron Siege. [[W-5 Gyro Blaster]] is great for shutting down tough and bold heavy decks, a great sideboard card. [[Metal Detector]] can get extra upgrades on to your bots and [[Basic Combat Protocol]] gives bold and an orange battle icon in the utility slot which I think is a little undervalued.

1. [[Energy Pack]]
2. [[Metal Detector]]
3. [[Erratic Energy Grenade]]
4. [[Basic Combat Protocol]]
5. [[Personal Targeting Drone]]
6. [[Spinner Rims]]
7. [[Urban Camo]]
8. [[W-5 Gyro Blaster]]
9. [[Backup Bag]]
10. [[Micro Capacitor]]

So that wraps up War for Cyberton Siege! By now everyone should be cracking boxes of Titan Masters Attack! Hope you all get some great pulls and I'll see you all next month.

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