Tidal Wave Joins The Battle!

Obiwong February 5, 2020

You sunk my battleship!

The new promo cards for Titan Masters Attack were announced and it's a new combiner [[Tidal Wave Dark Fleet]]!! The bots that make up this combiner have some unique abilities, both [[Tidal Wave Dark Fleet Aircraft Carrier]] and [[Tidal Wave Dark Fleet Transport]] can have a 4⭐ bot start with them which can join your team when their respective bot attacks, combines or is KO'd. There are still lots of Titan Masters Attack spoilers to go so we may still see some new 4⭐ bots that will work well with the new Decepticon combiner but we can still take a look at the current bots that are available to work with them.

[[Tidal Wave Dark Fleet Aircraft Carrier]] works with Planes or Helicopters (which there are none at the time of writing). Two Decepticon Air Strike Patrols fit the bill here, [[Raider Nightflight Air Strike Patrol Spy]] and [[Raider Storm Cloud Infantry Electronic Warfare]]. They work well with green battle icon cards like [[Bashing Shield]], [[Extra Padding]], [[Scoundrel's Blaster]] and [[War of Attrition]],

Where as his teammate [[Tidal Wave Dark Fleet Transport]] works with cars, trucks, or tanks. [[Private Stakeout Infantry Communications]], [[Raider Detour Infantry Demolitions]] or [[Raider Hyperdrive Sports Car Patrol Demolitions]] are great choices for cars.[[Private Fixit Rescue Patrol Medic]], [[Private Highjump Off-Road Patrol Infiltration]] or [[Private Tote Special Ops Infiltration]] for 4⭐ trucks. And [[Private Sidetrack Battle Patrol Demolitions]] or [[Private Top Shot Artillery Patrol Leader]] for tiny tanks.

Still lots of Titan Masters Attack spoilers to go so hopefully we'll see some new boat focused battle cards and a new 4⭐ helicopter. Can't wait to see what decks you all come up with! The deck builder has been updated for [[Tidal Wave Dark Fleet]] get brewing!

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[[Tidal Wave Dark Fleet]]'s team comes in at 24⭐ so that leaves just enough room for a good one star card.