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Obiwong February 3, 2020

When you wish upon a star


Hey everyone, I'm back again and this time we're looking at the top 10 battle cards that cost at least 1⭐. After Wave 1 we all wondered how we would fill in those gaps when our teams were slightly less than 25⭐ and Rise of the Combiners finally brought a way for us to do exactly just that. It also started the trend of double battle icon cards like [[Energized Field]] and [[Mounted Missiles]] costing 1⭐. With each star card we'll also take a look at what characters were most popular with them, so let's dive in and see what everyone favourite star cards are!


10. Bolt of Lightning
Good old faithful Lightning Bolt. It was the first star card spoiler and a throwback to a beloved Magic: The Gathering card. An upgraded [[Plasma Burst]] at the cost of 1⭐, [[bolt of lightning]] easily fits into any deck to get that last bit of damage through, 

Sees play with:
[[Skywarp Teleporting Seeker]] has great synergy with no battle icon [[bolt of lightning]].

9. Plunder
Triple black battle icon card that gives you some information about your opponents hand and gets rids of one of their pesky annoying cards, [[plunder]] is a steal for 1⭐.

Sees play with:
[[Sergeant Thundercracker Infantry Seeker]], [[Raider Nova Storm Infantry Combustion Specialist]] and [[Detritus Arms Dealer]] all get extra mileage with their synergy with black battle icon cards.

8. Fuel Cache
[[fuel cache]] give you card selection and an assortment of battle icons making it a versitile 1⭐ card.

Sees play with:
[[Fuel Cache]] battle icons work well in helping trigger [[Major Ultra Magnus Infantry City Commander]]!

7. EMP Wave
[[emp wave]] is a card that feels like it should be doing really broken things. I couldn't never come up with a clever deck but it's a double blue pip so it's good for those defensive focused decks.

Sees play with:
The usual suspects for blue focused decks: [[Optimus Prime battlefield legend]], [[Alpha Trion Cybertronian Sage]] and [[Raider Aimless Air Force Weapons]].

6. Full Loadout
I love this card. Play ALL your stuff? Yes please! It's a shame [[full loadout]] can't fit in with [[Predaking Ferocious Hunter]],

Sees play with:
Throw a bunch of upgrades on [[Captain Astrotrain Space Force Transport]] and you've got One Punch man!



5. Ultra Magnus Armor
Feels bad when your opponent has [[Ramming Speed]] in their opening hard. But feels great when [[Major Ultra Magnus Infantry City Commander]] and [[ultra magnus armor]] smash your opponents best bot for 8 an have 3 armor on the backswing!

Sees play with:
It's be weird if it wasn't [[Major Ultra Magnus Infantry City Commander]], so yes, [[ultra magnus armor]] is mostly paired with the man himself! But [[Jetfire Air Guardian]] gets in there with his bot ability to get it back from the scrap pile.

4. Heroic Resolve
I was super excited to see this card printed. [[heroic resolve]] can save one of your autobots to get one last swing in and double blue battle icons is a great deal for 1⭐

Sees play with:
Autobot all stars: [[Captain Omega Supreme Transport City Defender]], [[Optimus Prime Battlefield Legend]] and [[Major Ultra Magnus Infantry City Commander]]

3. Mounted Missiles
Fan favourite for aggro, [[mounted missiles]] saw a lot of play when [[Private Lionizer Ground Command Artillery]] was king. Double orange battle icons and +2 attack make it a great all around card.

Sees play with:
Aggro MVPs: [[arcee skilled fighter]], [[Private Lionizer Ground Command Artillery]] and [[general optimus prime infantry leader]]

2. Leap of Faith
The limiting factor in Transformers TCG is the amount of cards you can play a turn and [[leap of faith]]does exactly that. Play more things.

Sees play with:
[[leap of faith]] plays nicely with everyone because everyone can make use of more cards played a turn from the queen of defense [[Flamewar Veteran Decepticon]], card advantage king [[optimus prime battlefield legend]] and midrange allstar [[general optimus prime infantry leader]]

1. Universal Network Access
Control decks love two things: card draw and blue battle icons. [[universal network access]], the upgraded [[pep talk]], does all that without the downside [[Inspiring Leadership]] for just 1⭐.

Sees play with:
It's no surprise to see [[Flamewar Veteran Decepticon]] and card draw monster [[Sergeant Springer Special Ops Aerial Defense]] paired with [[universal network access]]

Bonus Top 5!
I also thought it would be fun to also look at the top 5 star card that appear in sideboards. So here they are:

1. [[Mounted Missiles]]
2. [[Leap of Faith]]
3. [[Heroic Resolve]]
4. [[Bolt of Lightning]]
5. [[Universal network access]]

So that's all for this month! Hope you've enjoyed the article, thanks for reading and see you again next month.

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