The A Team

iRemembertheTime (40)

The A Team

iRemembertheTime (40)

Conspicuously missing: direct damage. Hit and Run is the deck's only approximation, though it's mainly in there for Arcee to be able to transform and repair damage from the other characters.

So, what is the deal, here? A five-wide, single-minded bruiser deck with a basic competency for defensive flips. A full playset of 4-Wheel Drive helps Brawn and especially Motormaster to hit like trucks, the set of Leap Into Battle is especially helpful for Arcee, and the set of Bigger They Are is really for everyone's benefit. Upgrades are heavily weighted towards weapons to make sure that each attack means something.


Against blue decks, lead with Brawn and start the pierce immediately. More likely, against aggro and aggro/pierce, lead with Nightracer to play the role of speed bump. From then on, essentially... attack wholeheartedly whichever characters are sent by the opponent. Play the numbers game. 

But. Against Sky Shadow/Quake. Lean into the secret actions as heavily as possible, and play weapons on the non-attacking characters, so that when the PTT gets played, if possible, only one character is lost--and so that, if the PTT doesn't get played, the remaining attackers can combine their attacks to KO Quake at the end of the round.

Theoretical match: Sky Shadow goes first. Transforms Quake. Taps plane to attack Motormaster. Attack: 9. Defense: 4. 5 damage.

Flamewar transforms. Play a weapon on Brawn. Nightracer attacks. Attack: 3. Defense: 2. 1 damage.

One Shall Stand--3 damage to plane, 3 damage to Motormaster. KO. 1 damage to all characters but Quake. Grenade Launcher to Sky Shadow Tank. Tank attacks. Attack: 10. Defense: 6. 4 damage.

Arcee transforms. Hidden Fortifications down. Energon Axe to Arcee. Flamewar attacks. Attack: 3. Defense: 2. 1 damage.

Peace Through Tyranny. Sky Shadow combines. 1 damage to all characters. 3 damage to Arcee Erratic Lightning to Sky Shadow. Attacks Nightracer. Attack: 15. Defense: 10. KO. 1 damage to all characters.

Grenade Launcher and Supercharge to Quake. Quake attacks Flamewar. Attack: 13. Defense: 4. KO. 1 damage to all characters.

Field Communicator to Arcee. Plays Pep Talk. Lol. 4-Wheel Drive to Brawn. Brawn attacks Quake. Attack: 10. Defense: 2. 8 damage. Arcee attacks Quake. 5 pierce. Defense: irrelevant. KO. 1 damage to all characters.

Plasma Burst to Arcee. KO. Grax attacks Brawn. Attack: 6. Defense: 5. 1 damage.

End round 1. The Bigger They Are. Brawn attacks Sky Shadow. Pierce 7. Defense: irrelevant. KO. 

Ominous attacks Brawn. Pierce 4. Defense: irrelevant. KO.


Motormaster needs an assist from Fireflight. As painful as it may be to switch out Brawn.

Plane attacks Fireflight. Attack: 9. Defense: 4. 5 damage.

Weapon to Flamewar. Attack with Fireflight. No damage. No worries.

Tank mops up Fireflight. Cool.

Transform Arcee. Hidden Fortifications down. Grenade Launcher to Arcee. Send Nightracer. 1 damage. No worries.

Does opponent even want to play PTT? Hopefully they could be tempted... PTT gets played. Grenade Launcher to Sky Shadow. Attacks Nightracer. Attack: 17. Defense: 9. 8 damage. Heh.

Force Field to Quake. Attacks Nightracer. Attack: 8. Defense: 5. Sad. KO.

Weapon to Motormaster. 4-Wheel Drive to Motormaster. Arcee attacks Quake. Pierce 5. Breaks Force Field. 4 damage. Motormaster attacks. Attack: 9. Defense: 2. 7 Damage. Flamewar attacks. Pierce 3. KO.

Grax attacks Motormaster with a Reckless Charge and a Flamethrower. Attack: 11. Defense: 6. 5 damage. Survive!

End Hostilities Down. Weapon to Arcee. Motormaster attacks Grax. KO.

Plasma Burst to Motormaster. KO. Erratic Lightning to Sky Shadow. Attack Arcee. Attack: 11. Defense: 5. 6 Damage. Survive!

Arcee and Flamewar attack Sky Shadow. KO.

Ominous KOs Arcee.

Flamewar KOs Ominous?

Deck Stats

Character Types

Car, Leader, Melee, Motorcycle, Ranged, Specialist, Stunticon, Truck
Stars 25⭐ Team Health 47❤
Main Deck 40 Sideboard 11
Card Total 51