Megatron Optimized or not

iRemembertheTime (67)

Megatron Optimized or not

iRemembertheTime (67)

I've been absolutely spamming General Megatron decks, trying to find a sweet spot. But a deck very close to this one had a nice match yesterday.

Here's what I've learned. Attack Drone is dishearteningly bad. General Megatron is *the* character to elevate Attack Drone to playability, and even he doesn't make them worth it.

Where does that leave us? With a 13-star tank with a 3/15 frame. Well, that makes him a good target for Ghost Shield, in theory. Certainly better than Extra Paddings, which can just get overwritten by Beligerence (!) But his best friend actually seems to be Energy Pack.

As for the whole control-deck-build-up trick, if Attack Drone is out and Extra Padding is out, there's still War of Attrition, which at the end of the day is not so bad. Between Ghost Shields, Energy Packs, Megatron's 3 base armor, and potentially a well-timed repair of 3 from the War of Attrition, General Megatron might actually live up to the durability promised to tanks since Wave 1.

Cool trick: Crystal of Power can be fetched with Hunker Down for an immediate overwrite by Master Sword from hand. Also cool trick: Crystal of Power can be discarded from hand to protect both Ghost Shield and Master Sword. Also cool trick: Crystal of Power has art work of Megatron doing his best impression of the Grinch on Mt. Crumpet.

Wincharger is one of the best 7-star characters in the game. An opening attack of 7 is really nice, and if Flamewar's Tough 1 can help him survive just one round (not guaranteed!), he can give you an extra card in hand. Phenomenal.

Flamewar remains one of the best 5-star characters, even in Wave 5. Yes, pure-blue is hard to use nowadays, but having just-enough-blue challenges your opponent to invest in the aggressive cards necessary to put in the damage.

Maybe this deck is getting close...

And don't play those Security Checkpoints. They're in there just for the double-blues and for an easy decision when it's time to trade for a green-icon card. No one likes their upgrades getting removed from hand. And in this deck, you need to hold on to your upgrades in your own hand to protect Ghost Shield and Master Sword.

Deck Stats

Character Types

Car, Leader, Melee, Motorcycle, Ranged, Specialist, Tank
Stars 25⭐ Team Health 36❤
Main Deck 40 Sideboard 0
Card Total 40