Focus Pocus

cehteshami (49)

Focus Pocus

cehteshami (49)

I've been playing around with the focus mechanic for a while and now found 2 ways I really enjoy using it. 1. Is combining it with bold to really cycle through a deck quickly, the other is using it to maximize value from battle cards in both my flips and draws. In the second vein I've been working on a decklist that would give me great control over my flips and draws by having a minimum of focus 2 on my hard hitting bigger bots and have one character with focus 4 to control my draws through the game. This is the list I'm presenting today in Focus Pocus.


Early in the game the goal is to have Sights absorb hits and equip him to Flamewar or Chromedome to have a Focus 4 character on the field. We're using focus in a mix pip decklist to get the most we can out of our offensive flips, our defensive flips and our draws. cards like [[Improvised Shield]] [[Peace Through Tyranny]] and [[Belligerence]] along with pump up weapons like [[Grenade Launcher]], [[Fusion Borer]], and [[Energon Axe]] (a great value card since our health tends to last longer than you expect with focus on defensive flips) enable Flamewar and Chromedome to hit hard above their weightclass. Defensive cards like [[Handheld Blaster]], [[Security Checkpoint]], and [[End Hostilities]] along with Focus help keep our bots around a lot longer than you'd expect. All of this lets us focus on getting high value no pip cards in hand via Focus instead of flipping them. Now on defense we can have great control to make sure cards like [[One Shall Stand, One Shall Fall]], [[Showing Off]], and [[Supporting Fire]] are cards that we draw allowing us to make use of Chromedome's flips to banish important actions and pump him up as well as targeting the bots we want to target throughtout the game.


This writeup is pretty short because it's a pretty simple concept, use Focus to control our deck like never before, and grind out an advantage throughout the course of the game. I've had a ton of fun with the list and have gameplay footage of earlier versions you can check out here:

Video Deck Tech:

Version 1:

Version 2:


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Character Types

Battle Master, Car, Motorcycle, Ranged, Specialist, Titan Master
Stars 25⭐ Team Health 36❤
Main Deck 40 Sideboard 0
Card Total 40