Fist of Legend

iRemembertheTime (71)

Fist of Legend

iRemembertheTime (71)

This is where this deck has landed. No double blues. No Master Swords. No Scouting Missions. Just a bunch of bread and butter. It faces an uphill battle against just about every deck type out there. But it's like this, see:

If you want to use General Megatron's alt mode ability as the central gimmick of a deck build, then Greg is, of course, your "big threat"TM. So you have to invest in him. And yet, because Wave 5 makes the Wave-4-style 13-star fortification build obsolete, you also have to make the other characters a true offensive threat. These two facts basically make the deckbuild into an instruction manual from card 1.

Megatron has to have his Attack Drones. Even though Attack Done isn't great. 3 of those. And you can only gather 3 attack drones reliably if you have true draw power. 3 Mission Briefings and 3 Pep Talks. And you can only hope to use Megatron's alt mode if Megatron can stay alive long enough. Megatron is a tank, so as luck would have it, he has access to Hunker Down (3), to cheat Ghost Shield (3) from the discard pile, and Ghost Shield needs to be protected by an armor, preferably with a green and blue icon: Reflex Circuits (3). Megatron also needs assistance with his health total, and at 13 stars, he is a prime candidate for Energy Pack (3). And, direct damage is so prevelant, he needs a way to turn the clock back a little bit--so we also need 3 copies of War of Attrition. Bad news--he may die before he gets to use that. Good news--War of Attrition really can help as a game finisher for your other 2 characters.

So there're 24 cards to build a Wave 3 blue character in a Wave 5 world.

Windcharger needs to be able to hit well on your first turn, so he needs 3 Grenade Launchers and 3 copies of Leap into Battle.

Flameware needs to be able to hit well on any turn, so she needs 3 Laser Cutlasses and 3 copies of the Bigger They Are.

All three characters need redundancy, so there are 2 Energon Axes in the deck. And then, because Wave 5 is so fast-paced, the deck needs to be accomplishing 2 turns per turn, so there are 2 Brainstorms.

And that's already 40 cards. Like. Where are the Handheld Blasters and the Security Checkpoints? Where are the End Hostilities and Hidden Fortifications, or Hold the Line? I wish the deck could be true-blue defensive. But for General Megatron it seems like you have to invest half the deck into building your Direct Damage machine, and then you're left choosing with the other half of the deck whether to be tough or whether to be quick. I'm picking quick. The result is a nominally blue deck with 9 orange icons, 6 whites, and zero double-blues.

If I were to change something now, I would forego the Ghost Shield toolkit. Pull out the Ghost Shields, Reflex Cicuits, and Hunker Downs--and then replace Hunker Down with Showing Off to flip Megatron 3 times in a single turn, and replace the armors with the 6 double-blues. I would be taking away Megatron's armor in order to shield Windcharger and Flamewar just a little more consistently, and to make Megatron's alt-mode even scarier. It's a thought. It's just the fact that Handheld and Security Checkpoint are both empty card-plays for me.

Deck Stats

Character Types

Car, Leader, Melee, Motorcycle, Ranged, Specialist, Tank
Stars 25⭐ Team Health 36❤
Main Deck 40 Sideboard 11
Card Total 51