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Snake0Gamer (8)

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Secret Action

   This deck is very fun to play, destructive and powerful, and EXTREMELY complex. This deck revolves around the cards Decepticon Pounce, [[Spymaster's Ruse]] and [[Heroic Resolve]]. However, Sergeant Skywarp plays an equal part of the deck in terms of getting valuable secret actions to your hand. The main mission of this deck is to Spymaster's Ruse all 3 Heroic Resolve's. For each one, you permenantly increase Pounce's attack and keep the Tough 1 from Nightracer until she dies, because you don't have any autobots, [[Heroic Resolve]] will never flip and be exhausted. However, besides Heroic Resolve, you can only Spymaster's Ruse secret actions that don't reveal when you defend, like [[Take Cover]] and [[Lucky Dodge]].

   As I said previously, Sergeant Skywarp is an important character in the deck. Fliping him and adding two secret actions to your hand from the scrap pile is much more important than Pounce's bot mode flip, and is important to playing the two secret actions from [[Infiltration]]. Nightracer serves no other purpose than the Tough 1 and [[Stealth Mission]], but i wouldn't replace her with Sergeant Mirage, due to the fact that you can have 3 Heroic Resolves and a Lucky Dodge and she still has access to [[Scoundrel's Blaster]].

   Also, like an apex predator in the wild, this deck has little to no competition. Defensive decks can't do enough damage to break the defense of this deck, and agro decks can't block Pounce's sheer damage. However, with a pierce deck, just replace a couple cards for Stable Cover and keep getting that card back every time with Skywarp.

   (P.S. Attacking with Decepticon Pounce with a base of 15 while Eye of the Tiger is blaring in the back of your mind is very satisfying).

Deck Stats

Character Types

Beast, Car, Melee, Plane, Ranged, Specialist
Stars 27⭐ Team Health 34❤
Main Deck 42 Sideboard 3
Card Total 45