Bolding Jack with Description

Apexvape (5)

Bolding Jack with Description

Apexvape (5)

Deck Stats

Character Types

Car, Leader, Melee, Ranged, Specialist
Stars 25⭐ HP 36❤
Main Deck 41 Sideboard 11
Card Total 52

Bolding Jack 

As the name suggest, this deck is about Aggro Bold. Flip as many battle cards, and hit as hard as you can. This deck, i guess, is pretty common setup with any car deck or with Wheeljack in the character list. I found some online car deck list, tweak and fine-tuned it and tried numerous battles in my LGS or in League game. So far, this deck i manage to hit those blue decks where they didn't expect to see car deck while others are building blue decks or some sort. In recent league game, i win 2 round with 2-0, while i lost to 1 opponent 0-2 ( probably not able to get key cards like SyE and Turbo Booster is main factor). Nonetheless its great fun using this deck, especially able to untap the cars few times which made this deck more like a 6-Wide Car deck.

So, strategy. Well, try to get as many bold as possible for WJ. Since WJ has native Bold 3 (if there is weapon in scrap pile), main goal definitely is Power punch and 3 x Focus fire to get total of Bold 12. Able to pulling this off, WJ attack will be 19 dmg, assuming all single orange pip and no white or blue comes up. That's also the reason why i only have 3 white pip cards.

Prowl is the supporter for this deck, giving bold to cars and also possible 1 time healer for another car (heals 3hp for the other car). Flipping him to bot mode and wait for SyE, so when he flips, all cars get Bold 2. That is good for any characters here, especially WJ.

Bumblebee TL is my all-rounder. Basically like a sorcerer in a game; He draws card in bot mode (scrap an action and draws 2 card), play an additional action in alt mode, and his base attack on both side isnt bad. During start, i usually play him first, flip him to bot and scrap an action to get 2 cards first to have some card advantage. first attack usually is 8 so find the least defense opponent card or his VIP for some damage so WJ can finish him off later (if possible).

My combo for maximum bold for WJ (or BB but deduct Bold 3) is all characters in bot mode first. WJ preferable to have Kinetic Ints whip equipped before hand, and the following cards in hand are Start your Engine, 3x Focus fire, and Power punch. You probably get the drift here but here is what going to happen.

1) Start your engine, all bots flip to car mode and untap either BB or Prowl. Prowl then gives all car Bold 2. Bumblebee effect will be play Focus fire x3 and gives that bold 6 to WJ. 

2) WJ with Kinetic Whip will get Bold 2 when he flips from bot to car mode. Now after all the above resolves, flip him from car to bot mode and get additional Bold 2.

3) Replace Kinetic Whip to Power punch and gets another Bold 3. Then hit opponent as hard as possible.

Total bold for WJ is Bold 2 (prowl) + Bold 2 (KIWhip due to SyE) + Focus Fire x 3 ( Bold 6 ) + Bold 2 ( KIWhip manual flip) + Power punch ( Bold 3 ) = Bold 15.

It's actually doable as i able to pull off this crazy one once. but normally, its just supercharge+ power punch already gives Bold 9 is enough to kill or hurt opponent real bad.