A Team Tournament Build

iRemembertheTime (41)

A Team Tournament Build

iRemembertheTime (41)

Flamewar is the Hannibal Smith of the crew, taking the leading role with the first transformation, gleefully giving everyone Tough in the face of a merciless orange/black meta, and ready to flip the tables with an unexpected Bold play at just the right moment.

Brawn is actually the Murdock on the team--he sees battle icons differently than everyone else.

Nightracer is the B.A. of the group. Best raw stats, one of the first to be sent into the fray.

Arcee is Face. Unassuming by appearance, and often preferring to wait until the ends of rounds to get into the fight, but capable of doing incredible feats with a little imagination. Also able to help the rest of the team with wide repair.

Motormaster is the Amy Allen of the group. Uses his credentials as a direct-damage reporter to protect the team and garner public support for their cause. 

That last analogy is a stretch. But Motormaster is, indeed, a boss.

(Strategically, what's really going on here? The deck is loaded with weapons and more weapons, so that the upgrade play for the turn can help the team put in damage. All of these except for Grenade Launcher are permanent, so if members of the team do survive through a given round, the team's attacks become that much more consistent. The deck also has 10 attack-actions so that, when needed, the deck has a fighting chance of using its upgrade and action play on a turn to combine for an unexpected hit.

The rest of the deck is mostly draw support and defensive secret actions, to be used as the situation calls for this or that.)

Deck Stats

Character Types

Car, Leader, Melee, Motorcycle, Ranged, Specialist, Stunticon, Truck
Stars 25⭐ Team Health 47❤
Main Deck 41 Sideboard 11
Card Total 52