Bumblebee - Legendary Warrior

[Decks with Bumblebee]

https://images.fortressmaximus.io/cards/ee1/character/bumblebee-legendary-warrior-EE1-bot.jpg https://images.fortressmaximus.io/cards/ee1/character/bumblebee-legendary-warrior-EE1-alt.jpg



Energon Edition Wave 1


Bot Mode

5⚔ 15❤️ 1️️🛡

While this is your only character on the battlefield He has +2⚔ and +2🛡.

Alt Mode

4⚔ 15❤️ 1️️🛡

When you flip to this mode This character can attack untapped enemies this turn as though they were tapped.

Decks with Bumblebee Legendary Warrior