What's Hot in November

Obiwong December 2, 2019

Computron by @s_uranet


Hi everyone! November just flew by. Siege II dropped and you guys created 157 decks. I thought it would fun to see what Siege II cards were most popular in the decks made in November. So lets see what you all brewed last month.


Octone Capricions Agitator

The new SRT is 🔥 giving himself +3⚔ against Autobots or Decepticons. Mercenaries are making a big splash with Octone taking the 4th spot at Pro-Play Dallas! And it's great to see a triple changer get some play this time around (sorry [[Blitzwing Relentless Foe]]).

Top 5 Characters
1. [[Octone Capricious Agitator]]
2. [[General Optimus Prime Galactic Commander]]
3. [[Captain Impactor Special Ops Wrecker]]
4. [[Lord Megatron Conqueror of Cybertron]]
5. [[Sergeant Springer Special Ops Aerial Defense]]


Security Checkpoint

I was definitely looking forward to this card to let blue decks play a longer game. Do 3 damage and heal 3 damage could be the hugh swing you need to turn the corner and take control of the rest of the game. I like these green pip "gotta catch 'em all" cards like [[extra padding]]. It's an interesting mechanic especially when you get a nice pay off when you play all 3 in a turn.

Top 5 Actions
1. [[War of Attrition]]
2. [[Fight For Position]]
3. [[Head-On Collision]]
4. [[Opportune Offensive]]
5. [[Contract Contingency]]


Handheld Blaster

A white pip and a versatile weapon. It'll fit into any deck and it'll squeeze in 2 damage. I've seen some talk of good synergy with [[Raider Triggerhappy Air Force Gunner]].

Top 5 Weapons
1. [[Sturdy Javelin]]
2. [[Crude Club]]
3. [[Multi-Missile Pod]]
4. [[Crowbar]]
5. [[Soldier's Blaster]]


Force Field

This one was a surprise to me as I wasn't really convinced Safeguard would be a useful thing. Unfortunately I haven't had an opportunity yet to get to my LGS and get in some Siege II games yet so I have yet to see Safeguard in action. [[Composite Armor]] really makes me want to try tanks again especially since [[press the advantage]] is banned now, hopefully [[megatron decepticon leader]] can finally get some reps in.

Top 5 Armor
1. [[Medic's Protective Field]]
2. [[Composite Armor]]
3. [[Increased Durability]]
4. [[Terrifying Resilience]]
5. [[Guarded Posture]]


Field Communicator
"You've got to ask yourself one question. Do I feel lucky? Well, do ya, punk?"

I thought we'd see more [[Acute Reflexes]] but hey [[Shoulder Holster]] it good if you play your cards right (or know the top card of your deck [[Major Shockwave Applied Sciences Scientist]]). Still waiting to see [[General Optimus Prime Galactic Commander]] break out to see which utilities really shine.

Top 5 Utilities
1. [[Shoulder Holster]]
2. [[Pocket Processor]]
3. [[Kinetic Converter]]
4. [[Point Position]]
5. [[Conversion Engine]]

So that wraps up the first edition of a segment I haven't thought of a name for yet. I would like to do this monthly with a different theme. LIke how many Autobots vs Decpticons are in decks, most popular ⭐ cards or maybe how many different combinations of [[Private Lionizer Ground Command Artillery]] decks you guys can come up with. See you all next month and happy brewing!

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