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Nick Wiedeman April 20, 2020

Sky Shadow

Now that all of Titan Masters Attack has spoiled, I’d like to go through and give my Top 5 battle cards and Top 5 characters from the set that I am most excited to get to the (virtual) table and test out. I will also go over one of my initial decklists that I have been able to play a few games with against my friend Cam at the Arbitrary Hero Youtube channel. This set has offered up a whole new dimension to the game and I am excited to see how the new mechanics play out. 

Top 5 Battle Cards

5. [[Fusion Borer]] - You may remember from my last article Off Road Safari, I have a bit of liking for black pips. This card not only has the black pip, but also gives +3 attack and Pierce 3 for the attack! I’ve been adding this to every deck that has been Pierce based. It does have the downside that it scraps after battle, but I think the benefits in a deck built around Pierce and black pips will outweigh that downside.

4. [[Spymaster's Ruse]] - Have you ever had a time where you played [[Sabotaged Armaments]] only for your opponent not to play a weapon? That is a problem of the past thanks to the ruse. I have been a huge fan of secret actions since their debut, and anything that makes them better is great in my book. I’ve been working on a [[Chromedome Computer Programmer]] deck that utilizes [[Heroic Spotlight]] and [[Heroic Resolve]] and this slot rights in. The ability to play a powerful secret action and keep it ready until the moment it will trigger is fantastic. 

End Hostilities

3. [[End Hostilities]] - Speaking of powerful secret actions. This spot was looking like it was going to be [[Belligerence]] until the last set of spoilers, but it’s blue counterpart stole the show. I imagine this card will be an auto-include in most defensive minded decks going forward. That [[Supercharge]] and [[Power Punch]] combo your opponent just played is all for naught. It also turns any of those off color pip cards in your own deck like [[Bashing Shield]] or [[Enforcement Batons]] into an extra defense. This card may even lead to slightly more mixed pip decks becoming viable.

2. [[Master of Metallikato]] - This is another card that lends itself to being played in a mixed pip style. The potential for +5 attack is tantalizing. I imagine a deck focused (pun definitely intentional) around characters with the Focus ability. [[General Optimus Prime Infantry Leader]] and [[Raider Sights Air Force Artillery]] are two who come to mind that could potentially make the best use of this card. The other option could be characters that make use of Plan to stack the deck with the most different pip colors. [[Brawn Demolitions]] from Titan Masters Attack also loves to see this card flipped off the top of the deck when attacking.

Camien Crash Precision Fire Magnetic Dysfunction Ray

1. [[Camien Crash]], [[Precision Fire]], [[Magnetic Dysfunction Ray]] - I may have cheated a bit here, but I did not feel right picking just one of these as they all belong together in my mind. We are finally seeing an abundance of “burn” cards that are not tied to the ranged tag. This now let’s decks that did not have ranged characters to get access to a selection of direct damage that they did not have before. These could also be combo'd with the current  “ranged package” to play a deck entirely focused on dealing as much direct damage as possible. 

Top 5 Characters

5. [[Windsweeper Air Defense]] - This bot looks to be the perfect partner for [[Slipstream Strategic Seeker]] in a damage manipulation deck. The plane tag in both modes works well when trying to move damage with existing tribal cards such as [[Bombing Run]]. The new tribal pip cards in this set also open up some different deck types with him. [[Lock On Target]] and [[Concealing Contrails]] look like they could help a blue/black build. I look forward to piloting him and seeing where he slots in.

4. [[Fangry Sky Tracker]] - This monster looks to be an aggro player’s best friend. He is more than likely paired with a 1 star head to keep his cost down to activate his Bold 2 in alt mode. [[Parsec]] gives him an immediate Bold 3 against higher cost characters. Going first will most of  the time allow him to hit for around 8-9 damage on average in an orange based deck. That kind of raw damage without any action or upgrades is a beastly combination that I’m sure will show up in many teams going forward.

Perceptor  Precise Sniper

3. [[Perceptor Precise Sniper]] - One of my favorite characters from the 1986 movie, Dan Arnold’s winning design has helped create an amazing card for the game. The choice he forces on your opponent when activating his flip ability has the ability to swing games depending on what cards are revealed. Combined with [[Showing Off]], he can reach a large attack number very quickly while helping smooth out your draws. The ranged and specialist tags give him multiple options on what cards to pair with him. I envision him best paired with other bots that will not have to flip in order to build him up his attack as high as possible. The aforementioned [[Fangry Sky Tracker]] might be a great partner in an aggro build. I can;t wait to scope out what the best build for him will be. [Editors Note: Dave's favourite character from the 1986 movie is Hot Rod]

2. [[Horri-Bull Ground Trooper]] - The sheer amount of black pip direct damage cards and upgrades has me excited to take full advantage of this bots abilities. Being able to ping an extra damage every time you play a black pip can really add up quickly. Playing a [[Camien Crash]] and a [[Fusion Borer]] and flipping to alt mode allows you to dish out 5 damage to a target of your choosing before attacks! I will be pairing him with [[Grax]] to give him as much health as possible to maximize his ability.

Sky Shadow (Plane) Sky Shadow (Tank)

1. [[Sky Shadow (Plane)]], [[Sky Shadow (Tank)]], [[Sky Shadow Elite Warrior]] - I have been feverishly crafting decks since this group of cards was revealed. Both initial parts have very respectable stats and great abilities for 7 stars and are playable individually. 15 stars total with the stratagem leaves plenty of room for another bot or two. You can go 4 wide with two 5 star bots or 3 wide with one larger partner. The combination of Bold 2, Tough 2, 8 attack and Pierce 4 thanks to [[Ominus]] when combined allows you to build the battle deck multiple ways too. The ranged tag for both pieces opens up even more options. The versatility and sheer multitude of options is what sealed this bots place as my number one from Titan Masters Attack.

Sky Bull

This is the first deck I have been testing now that we have all the cards revealed. You may notice quite a few of the cards from the preceding top 5 lists. They did make my lists for a reason. The goal of this deck is to push as much direct and attack damage as quickly as possible. A near even split of black and orange pips combined with the native pierce on a few cards allows this deck to push through damage no matter what. The combination [[RR Disruptor Blade]], [[Grenade Launcher]], and [[Fusion Borer]] still allow very high attack numbers to be reached. The near even split of black and orange pips means many attacks will push through damage no matter what the opponent flips defensively. [[Enhanced Power Cell]] help keeps Sky Shadow or Horri-Bull alive and lets Horri-Bull trigger his ability in the process. Both heads even have great stats and can’t be picked off by an opponent’s [[Armed Hovercraft]] or [[Sturdy Javelin]]. I think this deck is a great jumping off point for testing in the Wave 5 meta. 

I’ll be updating this as testing goes on and trying out many other decks over the next few weeks. You can check them out on the site under my user ID wiedemnm. I have OCTGN set up so if you would like to test some Wave 5 send me a message on Facebook. If you test the deck or have any recommendations I’d love to hear it.

NAME Sky Bull
1 Sky Shadow (Plane)
1 Sky Shadow (Tank)
1 Horri-Bull Ground Trooper
1 Grax
3 Fusion Borer
3 Grenade Launcher
2 Mounted Missiles
3 RR Disruptor Blade
2 Sturdy Javelin
1 Bashing Shield
3 Enhanced Power Cell
2 Escape Capsule
1 Pocket Processor
3 Camien Crash
3 Fight For Position
1 Hold the Line
3 Magnetic Dysfunction Ray
3 Peace through Tyranny
3 Precision Fire
1 Reprocess
3 Rock Toss
1 Sky Shadow Sync
1 Villainous Spotlight
3 Belligerence
1 Counterespionage
2 Hijack
1 Hold the Line
1 Ominus
2 Reckless Charge
1 Speed Trap

Sky Bull by Nick Wiedeman

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