UselessSoup2 (7)


UselessSoup2 (7)

This was an attempt to make a Sideswipe deck for a contest but ended up being another Wheeljack deck for me. Wanted to create an aggro deck with plenty of white pips to play with. Its still a work in progress but I think it can be fun. 

Jazz and RedAlert are interchangable. I like Jazz for his protection, but if he is facing a pierce heavy deck I can use Red Alert with [[Sturdy Javelin]] as both are sacrifical for Sideswipe.

Some other variations I was considering included these in the sidedeck instead of what I have listed. I will be looking at creating another white pip car deck in the future.

[[Bumblebee Courageous Scout]]

[[Private Hot Rod Infantry Soldier]]

[[Spinner Rims]] x3 for play on the white pips

Deck Stats

Character Types

Car, Leader, Melee, Specialist
Stars 25⭐ Team Health 34❤
Main Deck 45 Sideboard 11
Card Total 56