Lockdown - Bounty Hunter

[Decks with Lockdown]

https://fortressmaximus.io/images/cards/ws2/character/lockdown-bounty-hunter-WS2-bot.jpg https://fortressmaximus.io/images/cards/ws2/character/lockdown-bounty-hunter-WS2-alt.jpg



War for Cybertron Siege II

CT 7

Bot Mode

4⚔ 15❤️ 2️️🛡

This has +2⚔ for each card under him.

When this does enough attack damage to KO an enemy Use this card's Bounty ability.

Bounty Put the bottom card of your deck face down under this.

Alt Mode

5⚔ 15❤️ 1️️🛡

This has +2⚔ for each card under him.

When you flip to this mode Draw a card for each card under this and for each Upgrade he has. Then scrap that many cards from your hand.

Decks with Lockdown Bounty Hunter