Dinobot Snarl - Desert Warrior

[Decks with Dinobot Snarl]

https://fortressmaximus.io/images/cards/wv1/character/dinobot-snarl-desert-warrior-WV1-bot.jpg https://fortressmaximus.io/images/cards/wv1/character/dinobot-snarl-desert-warrior-WV1-alt.jpg



Wave 1

UT 18

Bot Mode

5⚔ 9❤️ 2️️🛡

When this attacks You may put a card from your hand on top of your deck.

Alt Mode

4⚔ 9❤️ 2️️🛡

When you flip to this mode and you have no cards in hand Draw 2 cards.

Decks with Dinobot Snarl Desert Warrior