Dinobot Sludge - Mighty Stomper

[Decks with Dinobot Sludge]

https://fortressmaximus.io/images/cards/wv1/character/dinobot-sludge-mighty-stomper-WV1-bot.jpg https://fortressmaximus.io/images/cards/wv1/character/dinobot-sludge-mighty-stomper-WV1-alt.jpg



Wave 1

UT 16

Bot Mode

5⚔ 12❤️ 2️️🛡

When one of your Dinobots attacks Repair 1 damage from it

Alt Mode

4⚔ 12❤️ 1️️🛡

When you flip to this mode Move any number of damage counters from your other Dinobots to this one.

Decks with Dinobot Sludge Mighty Stomper